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7 Birthday Party Ideas Perfect for Tweens

The period of transition from childhood to adolescence (the “tween” years) can be quite dicey. At this point, a lot of confusion happens. You have a young person who’s too old to be called a kid, but rather too young to be called a teenager. Determining what they want can be very challenging mind work for many parents.

With that said, birthdays can be quite difficult to plan as well. The young ones would like some independence, and yet they still demand assistance from older, significant people in their lives. And most of the time, they want something special for themselves, but require their parents to make this happen for them.

Indeed, dealing with tweens can be a true test of patience, but with the right approach, the stage of pre-adolescence can be beautiful. So, don’t you fret, parents, because from the age of nine to 12, it is still possible to have a stable relationship with your child. All their birthday celebrations can be fun and memorable for them. The most important tip here is to keep communication lines open and devote quality time for the young ones.

When it comes to your tween child’s birthday, there are highly recommended ways to celebrate these and ensure the young ones’ full enjoyment. So, if you need a little help thinking of suitable birthday celebrations for your tween, here are seven birthday venues in Dubai that offer abundant fun activities for tweens.

1. Indoor Playground

Dubai has some of the most wonderful facilities for fun that transcend all ages. Among these is a popular indoor playground right in the heart of the City of Gold. It has a race track for go-karting enthusiasts, laser tag, and countless arcade games.

This indoor playground for a birthday party puts the special event in close proximity to other top amusement destinations. So should the young ones seek other types of enjoyment, it’s easy enough to venture out of the playground and try something new.

2. Family-Friendly Hotel

Most tweens these days are into sleepovers. But for a special occasion such as a birthday, why not make it fancy by reserving a family suite at a family-friendly hotel? The tween cliques won’t mind sharing a bed and even bringing a few sleeping bags just to be able to spend time together at night.

Another advantage of making a family-friendly hotel the venue for a tween’s birthday party is the selection of amenities. The kids can go swimming and take part in different events that such accommodations always have lined up for guests.

3. Beauty Salon and Spa

This option is perfect for tween-age girls. There’s a growing number of beauty salons in Dubai that cater to a young market. They offer fun and trendy beauty and relaxation treatments that are just up the alley of tween-age girls.

Likewise, you will find that a lot of such business establishments offer a variety of party packages specially designed for specific age groups. Have a talk with your child about the party package that appeals to her and her friends.

4. The Park

The park may be quite a common place, but it holds countless opportunities for fun. One of the best activities for a tween-ager’s birthday party is a Scavenger Hunt. Get some tips from Paula Danziger’s book “Earth to Matthew” on how to pull off a successful Scavenger Hunt for Kids.

You can also have a barbecue, picnic, or even a tea party (which, surprisingly, a lot of female tweeners are into) at the park. And, if you’re in luck, a carnival may be in town to make a birthday party at the local park all the more enjoyable.

5. The Beach

A trip to the beach itself is enough to thrill the young ones. There’s just something about going to the beach that makes active young people automatically happy. And like the local park, you can give the young ones the freedom to do whatever it is that they will enjoy. What’s even nicer about beaches in Dubai, particularly the free and public ones, is that there’s often a carnival nearby, as well as bike rentals, affordable dining establishments, and stores selling kitschy items.

If you take the birthday celebration to the beach, all you really have to do is give the tweens their allowance, assign a single guardian, and let them do what they want until it’s time to meet up with you for a birthday meal to make the day a true party.

6. A Luxury Cinema

Movie parties are quite popular among young people because they are sure-fire ways to make a birthday fun. First of all, the tweens and their friends get to choose the movie to watch. Secondly, they get to decide when to watch the film. And, if you opt for a luxurious cinema in Dubai as the venue for the movie party, you can bring in more perks to the celebration.

Such a cinema has the most comfortable seats to make the person of the hour and friends feel like complete VIPs. In addition to that, watching their chosen flick comes with a service of gourmet food. And lastly, all guests get a beautifully designed electronic invite, and there’s signage to indicate an exclusive viewing party hosted by the birthday celebrator.

7. Dessert Cafe

Finally, when it comes to food, most tweens are into trendy Instagrammable food such as cakes, French pastries, cookies, pies, and popular dessert beverages. Therefore, one of the best places to throw a gastronomic birthday party is at a dessert cafe.

A lot of dessert cafes in Dubai are open for parties, and some even offer unique party packages to meet the specific requirements of the birthday celebrants. These party packages come with a host, games, and entertainment that tweens are sure to love.

These ideas can help you plan your tween’s birthday party to be a bundle of fun, not to mention a memorable one, too. The care you put into choosing a birthday venue that your child will love will remind them that as a parent, it is your commitment to ensure that they grow up into healthy and happy individuals.

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