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We are open to guest posts on topics relevant to our site. We prefer funny or emotionally relatable posts. Submissions are usually approved and live within a week.

Benefits Of Writing A Blog Post With Us

  • Gain Access To Huge Coupon Discounts
  • Exclusive Special Offers By Writing For Us
  • More Exposure For Your Business / Blog
  • Fortify Your Backlink Profile
  • Build Domain And Search Engine Authority
  • Exposure To Targeted Traffic
  • Helps Build Your Social Media Profile

Guest Post Submission Guidelines:

  • Article Requirements: The article must be 100% original content. It should be at least 600+ words in length. Make sure the article is well written, has correct grammar and punctuation, and has been proofread.
  • Niche: We accept unique articles written on: Parenting, Motherhood, Fatherhood, Family, Babies, Children, DIY, Education, Gardening, Crafts, How To’s and very similar subjects.
  • Images: A featured image and images for above each title in the blog post is required. Images must be sharp, striking and relevant to the topic. Only royalty-free or images with permission granted for use on our website may be used.
  • Links: You can include 1 link to your website in the body of the article but no links are allowed in titles. This link is a permanent do follow backlink. (no gambling, or links of an adult nature are allowed)
  • Other: We accept pie charts, infographics and other visual content which enhances the readability of the article.
  • Copyright: Once you have submitted your article, the copyright for the article will be transferred to us. We will also hold the right to edit or reject the article.
  • Cost: We neither pay nor charge for guest post content.

Additional Image Info

For quicker post approval please supply your featured image at the following sizes (width x height) in pixels:

  • Pinterest 600 x 900
  • Blog Post 1024 x 800
  • Twitter/Facebook 1200 x 628

These images shall be used when someone embeds your post on the respective social media platform.

We do not accept the following:

This is a family run website and business and as such we will not accept any of the following:

  • No gambling, rude, lewd or nude
  • Marketing or affiliate links
  • Self-promotional content
  • Gift lists
  • Political
  • Travel
  • Fashion
  • News
  • Spam

Once your article is ready, send it over to blog@madeinthemoon.co.uk and we shall be in touch.