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Blog 6 Tips & Tricks To Help Labour

6 Tips & Tricks To Help Labour

Our due date is the 31st of May, but we are fairly certain our little chicken is going to come a bit late. Due dates are a funny thing because there is an open window of approximately 5 weeks around that date in which baby can come. The issue we have is that my mother […]

Blog How I Packed My Hostpital Bag

How I Packed My Hospital Bag In 3 Steps

My husband has been panicking for the last 3 weeks over the hospital bag. I must confess I am an ‘I’ll do that tomorrow’ kind of person. He needs everything organised and if possible a checklist to make sure nothing gets forgotten. There are many lists of what to pack, including those that like to […]

Blog Pain Relief During Labour

Pain Relief During Labour

This can be a touchy subject. There is so much expected from women that we are most likely doomed to make the wrong decision. Society expects us to be perfect, but also is quick to criticise every move we make. I feel that if we decide to embrace pain relief we will be seen as […]