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Birthday party

7 Birthday Party Ideas Perfect for Tweens

The period of transition from childhood to adolescence (the “tween” years) can be quite dicey. At this point, a lot of confusion happens. You have a young person who’s too old to be called a kid, but rather too young to be called a teenager. Determining what they want can be very challenging mind work […]

Top Things To Do With A Baby In Edinburgh

Top Things To Do With A Baby In Edinburgh

Being residents of Edinburgh for over 10 years has granted us plenty of time to explore and learn about Edinburgh’s rich history and the best places to go with your baby. In the following I have written about some of the top things to do with a baby in Edinburgh. On a note we are […]

Blog Our Christmas Traditions

Our Family, Our Christmas Traditions

Just 2 more sleeps until Father Christmas arrives! I am Spanish and hubby is Scottish. Until now we have celebrated Christmas in a very loose manner. But now we have a baby, and we want our baby to learn both traditions. We will take our favourite things from each side and make our own way […]

5 Small Changes To Reduce Your Waste This Christmas

5 Small Changes To Reduce Your Waste This Christmas

How did 2018 fly by so quick? I cannot get my head wrapped around the idea that it is almost Christmas. But it is, and I love Christmas. I love the gifts, the food, the carols and the mulled wine. The only thing I don’t enjoy so much about this season is the overspending and […]

Our First Family Holiday

Our First Family Holiday

We just got back from our first family holiday and happy to report it was a success! I was a little bit nervous about travelling with such a little baby, but he was a champ. My parents live 20 minutes by train from Amsterdam. The flight from Edinburgh to Amsterdam is 1 hour and 20 […]

Blog 5 Indoor Gardening Activities

5 Indoor Gardening Activities For When The Kids Are Bored This Winter

Nicky Roeber is the Online Horticultural Expert at Wyevale Garden Centres. Here, he shares some of his favourite indoor gardening activities that you can get the kids involved with this winter. As temperatures drop this winter, we’ll naturally begin to spend much less time outdoors. If your kids have grown accustomed to spending summer nights […]

What Is BMJ

What Is Breast Milk Jewellery?

Breastfeeding is a very special moment between a mother and her child. Each mother will live this experience in a different way. Some mothers love breastfeeding and will take to it naturally from day one. Other mothers will struggle for the first couple of weeks and some might give up due to this struggle. I […]

4 Things I Said I Would Never Do As A Mother

4 Things I Said I Would Never Do As A Mother

We can all agree that babies do not come with instructions. You will not find a manual that will tell you how things are done. Your baby will come with his own little personality. Something that worked with a previous child might not save you this time around. I spent many hours thinking about what […]

Blog 6 Tips & Tricks To Help Labour

6 Tips & Tricks To Help Labour

Our due date is the 31st of May, but we are fairly certain our little chicken is going to come a bit late. Due dates are a funny thing because there is an open window of approximately 5 weeks around that date in which baby can come. The issue we have is that my mother […]

Blog How I Packed My Hostpital Bag

How I Packed My Hospital Bag In 3 Steps

My husband has been panicking for the last 3 weeks over the hospital bag. I must confess I am an ‘I’ll do that tomorrow’ kind of person. He needs everything organised and if possible a checklist to make sure nothing gets forgotten. There are many lists of what to pack, including those that like to […]