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Staying Heathy During Pregnancy

Staying Healthy During Pregnancy

Staying healthy during pregnancy can sure be tricky as your body goes through a lot of changes – be it from morning sickness to weird cravings. Especially, when it comes to the first trimester, expecting mothers have to be really careful as the risk during this period is very high.

You may hear a lot of suggestions regarding the things you should do during this period, but this could be highly confusing as every pregnant women’s need is different. 

Thus, the best way here is to consult with your doctor, who’ll guide you to eat healthily during your pregnancy.

Tips to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

hydrated water drop

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is extremely common during pregnancy, which is the reason why increasing your water consumption is essential. By staying hydrated you are ensuring that your placenta gets enough blood flow and oxygen, which helps in the growth and development of the fetus. Drinking plentiful water can prevent fatigue, tiredness, constipation, haemorrhoids, etc. It is advised to have at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. And if you are bored from drinking plain water, you could add fresh fruit to it or sip on tea.

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Be Active

Staying active during pregnancy is also important as pregnant women need to maintain their weight. You could join a prenatal yoga class, go for morning/evening walks, go swimming, etc. Certain exercises can also help strengthen your abdominal and pelvic muscles, which will make labour and delivery easy. However, make sure not to overexert yourself as that could be harmful to your baby as well. Before starting anything exercise, do remember to discuss it with your doctor.


Healthy Eating Habits 

Make certain that you get enough protein, minerals and vitamins during pregnancy. Include folate acids in your diet as they play a major role in the formation of red blood cells and help in the development of your child’s spinal cord. Include fresh veggies and fruits in your diet. Eggs, lean meat and certain types of fish also provide necessary nutrients during pregnancy. Likewise, for a healthy pregnancy, avoid eating junk food and don’t eat raw foods as they might be contaminated.

stop smoking and drinking

Eliminate Alcohol and Smoking

Consumption of alcohol can be fatal for your baby as your womb will not able to handle it and the exposure could lead to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). Smoking can cause serious tissue damage especially to the lungs and brain of your child. Additionally, excessive caffeine consumption can lead to conditions such as stillbirth and miscarriage.


Never Miss a Doctor’s Appointment

Attending every prenatal appointment helps you discover any birth complications and/or symptoms that require immediate medical care. Your doctor may prescribe you prenatal vitamins, which is essential during pregnancy. However, do remember to ask your doctor before taking any un-prescribed medications as they can increase the risk of complications.

get enough rest

Get enough Rest

During pregnancy, you might feel more tired, fatigued, restless and irritable than usual. At such times, getting enough rest and sleep can greatly benefit you. Not getting enough sleep can cause your blood pressure to rise which is not good for you as well as your baby. Many women who suffer from insomnia during this time can take medications prescribed by their doctor. Resting can also reduce stress and can help boost your energy levels.

To Sum Up

From the start to the end of your pregnancy, you have to take utmost care to ensure that you are healthy throughout. Above are some basic tips that’ll help you to avoid any complications. Also, ensure to visit your doctor periodically, which will make your pregnancy journey smoother.

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