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Best Baby Carriers

What to Know Before You Start Using a Baby Carrier

Being a mother comes with a ton of responsibility. But being a mother of a newborn comes with many difficulties and hard work. From changing diapers to perfectly caring the baby, there is a lot of effort to raise an infant.

Carrying a baby all the time is not possible as the parents have other works to do in their household. Parents need to free their hands to prepare food for their babies and to do other work. The baby carrier is useful that helps to carry a baby while mom can continue focusing on other works. But, before you buy, you need to read the reviews of Best Baby Carrier on the internet to know about the pros and cons of each.

However, using a baby carrier is not always as easy as it sounds. The starters will make many mistakes and everything seems unknown to them. That is why we will guide to find you everything they need to know before they are keen to use a baby carrier.

In this section, we will cover some of the topics such as when is the right time of using a baby carrier? What should be the budget to buy the best one? What necessary things should you know before start using it?

Baby Carrier Position

What Is The Perfect Age of Using A Baby Carrier?

You must be wondering what is the right time to start using a baby carrier? Well, the answer is very simple. You can use a baby carrier from the day you baby born, as long as the carrier weighs at least 7 pounds.

We all know how important it is for a baby to develop bonding with their parents and by using this product parents can easily make a perfect connection with their baby from day one.

If you are leaving with your newborn from the hospital, a baby carrier is good to carry your infant. You don’t have to wait until your baby is six weeks old because the best baby carriers offer you the safety and security of your baby. Before you start using it, make some practice with other babies or follow an expert guide.

Learn How to Carry A Baby and Many Positions:

Before you start carrying you must know how to carry a baby and how many ways you can carry him. Before you intended to buy a baby carrier, this is the major baby carrying positions that you should know:

  • Front Inward Carry – Parents can carry this position from day one.
  • Front outward Carry – When a baby is 4-6 months old, parents can carry this position. Check your baby’s neck, if the neck is strong enough to hold then use this position.
  • Back Carry – This position can be applied when the baby is more than 6 months old. 
  • Hip Carry – It is better to carry this position when he is more than six months old.

Always make sure you read every instruction of the user manual that comes with a baby carrier. Before you buy always check the minimum age and weight requirements to see whether you are buying the right one for your baby or not.

Research on Baby Carrier:

Just like other products, the baby carrier also has some verity and different forms of configuration. The well known and most used baby carriers are wraps, soft-structured and slings. If you want to know more about which baby carrier is the best, make sure you do some research online such as reading reviews, rating and ask questions on forums. This will reduce your uncertainty on any specific product.

On average, you need to spend close to $40 to buy wraps and for more expensive and reliable baby carrier will cost around $140.

Basics of Safe Babywearing:

 Ensuring safety and security is the top priority among parents for their children. After all, safety and conformability are the reasons why you have decided to buy a baby carrier. That said, you need to know the basics of babywearing, they are –

  • Do not lay down while carrying your baby by a baby carrier.
  • Carry the baby in the right position.
  • Check the fabric.
  • Do not jump or run while using a baby carrier.
  • Always cautious and alert.
  • Monitor your baby’s favorite carrying position and carry him accordingly.

Practice Before Carrying Your Baby:

After buying a baby carrier try not to put your baby immediately in it because as a new parent you need to get used to with the baby carrier first.

Practice to plug it and unplug it, try different positions and fasten and resize it. When you feel comfortable, try on wearing a doll or other prototypes. If you are successful in doing those, then carry your baby and enjoy a hand-free life.


A baby carrier is one of the most useful products for an infant. Buying it will give you time to practice properly. I hope you like our tips and advice. Share your stories in the comment section below and inspire us to contribute more.

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