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3 Things To Think About Before Sharenting

3 Things To Think About Before Sharenting

Have you ever considered opening an Instagram account for your baby? Do you post on Facebook pictures of your child’s everyday adventures?

Wikipedia defines sharenting as “a term used to describe the overuse of social media by parents to share content based on their children”.

But, who defines what overusing is? Sharing details of our lives on social media is normal and sometimes even expected.  But sharing details of our children’s lives can have long term consequences. Where do we draw the line? Here are 3 things to think about before sharenting.

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Private Life

Article 8 of the Human Rights Act 1998 protects the right to respect for your family and private life, your home and your correspondence.

So, being able to live a private life is a human right. Exposing your children, and information about them, to a widely public platform such as social media goes against this right. We should be waiting until they are able to understand what posting on social media entitles and give their consent.

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When you share photos of your child online you are leaving a digital footprint. Even if you take the picture down at a later time, there is probably a digital copy already somewhere on the web.
In a couple of years that photo could end up in the wrong hands and your child could be bullied by other kids. Have you ever posted a photo of your child’s diaper rash? Did you write on your blog about your baby’s latest poo explosion? This information can be found years later by almost anyone. Just ask yourself if your child could feel ashamed of this image before sharing it.

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Digital Kidnapping

I have joined several Facebook mummy groups during my pregnancy. In one of these groups I came across a mummy that had posted a 3D scan picture of her baby on here personal social media account. She was very distressed because someone had created an Instagram account using here baby’s scan photo as a profile picture.
Creepy. But the truth is, this is not unusual. People can take the information you share online and try to pass it as their own. 

Not A Social Media Baby Grow

Not A Social Media Baby

I am sure nobody wants to put their child in danger or at shame when sharing photos. Sharenting is a very common thing in this digital era. We all think it is just cute and funny when we post a quick bath time snap or publish how they scared themselves when farting! But we don’t know where this information is going to end.

What if another person is the one posting a picture of your child without asking you how you feel about it? What happens next time you go to a big family event? So many cameras snapping pictures of everyone there. Have you thought of a funny and easy way to ask people not to post photos of your child? We have the perfect outfit for the occasion. Our Not A Social Media Baby baby grow is the best way to ensure the wee one stays offline.

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