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Scotland’s Baby Box

For those that do not know about it, this is a welcome box offered to all babies born in Scotland. The box itself is a place for your wee one to sleep in from birth. It includes a great number of baby basics that you will need during the first couple of months.

I am 33 weeks pregnant now and I have just received my Baby Box! I have been awaiting this moment for a while now. My midwife arranged this at my 24 week appointment.

How To Get Your Baby Box

Your midwife will ask you if you are interested in receiving the baby box. Who wouldn’t? It is full of useful items for both mummy and baby.

My midwife filled in a leaflet with her details and my due date. I was then given the leaflet to fill in some additional information about myself and put it in a mailbox. No postage needed.

The box was delivered by ParcelForce. They sent me a text message the day before to confirm the box was being delivered. On delivery date another text message was sent to confirm a time slot.

What Is In The Baby Box

The baby box is quite large and is nicely decorated. I am thinking about colouring my box while I wait for my little chicken to arrive. It comes with a welcome poem and some information leaflets along with security instructions.

In order to use the box as a sleeping place it includes a foam mattress with a protector and 2 fitted sheets. It also includes a cellular blanket.

I am especially excited about the ear thermometer and the room/bath thermometer. There is a hooded towel, a bathing sponge and a travel changing mat.


The amount of clothing in the box is a pleasant surprise:

Newborn: 3 baby grows

0-3 months: 2 baby grows, 2 sleep-suits & 1 pair of trousers
3-6 months: 1 pair of trousers, 1 sleep-suit, I vest & 1 hooded jumper

You will also find 2 pairs of socks, 1 pair of scratch mittens, 1 bib, 1 comforter toy, 3 muslin squares and a stretchy sling.

It also brings 3 nail files for baby, 1 teething soother ring, a play mat, a ball & 2 books.

For mummy it includes a box of breast pads, a pack of maternity pads and quiet comically, 2 small boxes of condoms.

Baby Basics

I now have most of my baby basics. This has encouraged me to start washing and organising baby clothes. The next step will be packing my hospital bag. My husband is having a panic moment and has begged me to pack the hospital bag. But we can talk about that another day!

One thought on “Scotland’s Baby Box

  1. Heather lang says:

    Please can you tell me where can I get a spare giraffe comfort blanket. My little boy absolutely loves his but really need a new one as he uses it all the time.

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