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Baby’s Coming Home Outfit

As a first-time mum there are many things I need to learn about having a baby. I have had a very easy pregnancy so far. No morning sickness, no heartburn, no SPD, no cravings nor adversity to smells. Some people say that women that have had easy pregnancies will have difficult labours. I am hoping this is just an old wives’ tale.

In the last months have joined a couple of Mummy Groups on Facebook so I could have a place to ask questions and read others’ concerns. I want to learn from other mothers’ questions and try to be as prepared as one can be for all the changes that are about to happen.

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Coming Home Outfit

One of the most curious things I have read about lately is baby’s “coming home outfit”. I never thought about it and will have to consider this when I pack my hospital bag. The first time I read about this I pictured a bunch of paparazzi waiting outside the hospital to take that first snap of the baby. I know this will not happen to us, but it would be nice to have a special outfit for our little chicken to wear when we go home.

Some mothers have kept the coming home outfits they wore as a baby and will pass them down to their babies now. This is very sweet and you could make a beautiful keepsake comparing mummy/baby photos. I have a blanket that was knitted by my great grandmother. My blanket is very important to me, I love it and cannot wait to use it with my son.

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Cute Baby Clothes

I have a couple of really cute baby outfits for our wee one to wear. We have a Newest Member of the Clan baby grow for the first day we go to granny’s and a very special grow for our baby announcement picture. We are keeping our baby’s name a surprise and will reveal the name at the same time we announce his birth. I am thinking a personalised baby hat with his name on it will complement the look perfectly. There are so many choices of cute baby clothes that I will probably be trying to find excuses to get him all dressed up.

How I Packed My Hospital Bag
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