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Baby Steps

Why Do I Want To Start A Blog?

Well, I am 30 weeks pregnant and a first-time mum. This means I have many doubts, questions and fears. I also think all of these will increase within the next 10 weeks…


First Time Mum

My husband loves me and I have no doubt about that. But he does not have the patience to listen to all of these doubts, questions and fears of mine. I also happen to be the first time mum in my close group of friends to be having a child. So, I don’t always have someone to ask or just to talk to about motherhood and all that comes with it. How many baby grows do I pack in my hospital bag? Do I need a bottle steriliser? How many nappies is it “normal” to go through? Why does the baby cry?

With this in mind I have decided it is time to join the blog community. A place to voice my thoughts and share my experiences. A place to learn from others that, like me, are taking their first baby steps into a new world.

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