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Can A Baby Be Raised Vegan?

Veganism is a big thing nowadays, and it is growing in popularity. There are a couple of vegetarian and vegan friends in my circle. Whilst drafting a menu for a birthday party I was organising I had an idea for a new baby outfit. I came up with a design called “Friend Not Food” for our baby grows. Cute, isn’t it?

Veganism And Babies

I then started to wonder if vegan parents would raise their children following a vegan diet. Surely it can’t be that difficult. It does make sense that someone that is against animal cruelty and the dairy industry would want to raise their children believing in these same ideals.

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Breast Milk Is Vegan

I have now learned that whilst vegans do not consume dairy products, breast milk does not fall within this category. As you read, breast milk is vegan! So that is the first 6 months to a year of your baby sorted.

For mothers that have to/decide to formula feed it gets a bit trickier, as they need to do a bit of research. Soy-based formulas are available, but it seems that current UK recommendations have deemed them not be suitable for infants under the age of 6 months.

Another option is to give the child a non-vegan formula for the first months and then switch to a fully vegan diet when possible.

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Baby Lead Weaning

Around the age of 6 months most babies start weaning. During this period babies will continue to take breast milk / formula as their main source but starting to introduce some finger foods, mainly fruit and steamed vegetables. Once the baby is happy using a spoon they can start having pureed foods added to their diet.

Balanced Diet

I would say a baby’s first year of eating is almost naturally vegan / vegetarian. The most important factor is to keep a balanced diet and ensure the baby is receiving all the nutrients and vitamins he/she needs for a healthy development. If a parent decides to provide protein to a baby from an egg or from tofu is a personal choice, and as long as the child is getting what it needs nobody should be concerned about where it comes from.

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Your Lifestyle Is Your Choice

Being vegan, vegetarian or omnivore is a personal and free choice. There is still a bit of stigma around “imposing” a vegan diet to a child. But as the popularity of this life-choice grows, people’s views around this is changing. There are more options available, making it easier to choose this type a diet without being restricted as most brands offer a vegan / vegetarian selection nowadays. We didn’t want to be less. Our veggie baby outfits outfits are created and designed with love for all the vegetable loving wee ones.

Let’s all learn to love and respect other people’s choices.

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