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4 tips for decorating your home nursery in a gender-neutral way

4 Tips for Decorating your Home Nursery in a Gender-Neutral Way

Nick Acaster is Managing Director at Rugs Direct. Here, he gives his best advice for decorating a gender-neutral nursery.

Whether you don’t want to know the sex of your baby until they’re born, or you would rather avoid pushing gender norms and stereotypes onto your new addition, you could be looking to design a gender-neutral home nursery. But, when you start to pick out paints, rugs, and accessories, you might realise that it can be easier said than done, and you certainly won’t need any more stress in the lead-up to the birth of your child.

Fortunately, there are some hints and tricks you can use to make the process of creating your dream nursery a lot easier. Follow these four tips to decorate your baby’s room in a fun, stylish, and gender-neutral way.

Avoid Traditionally Gendered Colours

The easiest way to make your baby’s nursery gender-neutral is by avoiding any colours that are typically considered to be for either boys or girls — namely blue or pink.

Many parents in this position will choose to paint their baby’s room’s walls white or grey, but there’s no need to feel like you can’t have more fun with it. Pastel yellow, mint green, or a muted shade of orange could work well if you’re not keen on a monochrome colour scheme.

You could even add a mural, or some quirky wallpaper to your nursery’s walls. Gender neutral doesn’t have to mean boring. Get creative with it!

Pick a Gender-Neutral Theme

Choosing a theme for your baby’s room is another great way to have fun with the décor. Of course, when you’re trying to go for something gender neutral, traditionally feminine or masculine themes, like princesses or racing cars, should be off the table, but there are plenty of others that will still work well. Here are just some of the gender-neutral nursery themes you could consider:

  • Space
  • Jungle
  • Rainbow
  • Scandi
  • Woodland
  • Seaside

Not only are these themes gender-neutral, but they can also make for a fun and stylish space that both you and your little one will love spending time in.

Choose Versatile Furniture

Your baby’s furniture will be an investment, so it’s likely you’ll want them to continue using it as they grow up. One of the easiest ways to ensure the likes of their chest of drawers and wardrobe will have a long lifespan is by picking out some neutral and versatile pieces that will work with a whole host of different interior design choices.

Choosing simple furniture will allow your child to put their own stamp on their room when they’re old enough, too. Chances are, you’ve decided to give them a gender-neutral nursery to encourage them to find their own sense of style, and they’ll find it much easier to decorate their future bedrooms in a way that suits them perfectly if they have versatile furniture to work with.

Use Soft Furnishings to Add Warmth and Colour

Don’t worry if you feel like your baby’s nursery looks a bit too cold or sterile once you’ve painted the walls and moved your neutral furniture in — just like with the other rooms in your house, you can add colour and warmth with soft furnishings.

While wood or laminate flooring can be quite practical in a baby’s room, it can also feel quite cold on your feet during the night and on those early mornings. Not only can a deep pile or shaggy rug help to solve this problem, but they also come in a huge range of different colours and designs, giving you plenty of freedom to choose one that will complement your gender-neutral décor perfectly.

Curtains, throws, and scatter cushions can add a feeling of cosiness to your space and will also give you more opportunities to add colour and personality to your baby’s room.

Gender-neutral home nurseries are becoming increasingly popular but working out how to decorate one can be difficult. Take these tips on board, and I’m sure you’ll find the process a lot easier. 

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